2018 saw big changes in date and location for our 20th annual Okanogan Valley Winter Roundup. If you wanted to come--but were unable--we want to hear why.
Have you attended our Winter Roundup in the past? *

This year the Roundup happened in March instead of January, and outside Winthrop instead of the Omak area. Did these or other factors stop you from attending? *

How likely are you to attend next year if in Winthrop again? *

How likely are you to attend next year if in Omak area? *

What else would you like us to know?

Sorry you couldn't join us in 2018, and thank you for your feedback. Would you be willing to volunteer to help put Roundup 2019 together? please leave your name/phone#/email address so we can get in touch with you (or email us separately at info@OkanoganValleyRoundup.com)

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