We were glad to see you this year!
Please take a moment to complete this survey for the Roundup that was on
January 27 & 28,  2017
Please fill out and submit this for each person that attended. 
(If you already filled one out but forgot something, email your additions to info@OkanoganValleyRoundup.com)
If you didn't experience/participate in something just leave it blank. 

OVERALL, how did you like the 2017 Winter Roundup?

Which program are you?

What did you think of our Raffle?

How about the Souvenirs (travel mug and hooded sweatshirt) ?

Food and Beverage? (snacks, etc. other than Saturday Dinner)


How about our Entertainment?

How did you find the atmosphere and Fellowship?

AA Meetings

Al-Anon Meetings

Please tell us anything you'd like to explain any of your ratings so far

Rate our 2017 venue (the Quality Inn & Suites)

How was Parking?

How were nearby Hotels and Restaurants?

Was it easy to register?

Do you think our prices were reasonable?

Did you receive enough information before the event?

Did you visit our website,  or Facebook page,  or get email from us about the 2017 Roundup?

Friday AA Speaker  Andrea A.

Friday Recovery Comedian Bob Perkell

Saturday Al-Anon Speaker  Judy A.

Saturday AA Speaker  Chad P.

Mystery Entertainment

Could you hear the speakers well?

What else should we know?  Please tell us anything we forgot to ask about. :-)

THANK YOU for your feedback!  If you have anything to add later you can email us at info@OkanoganValleyRoundup.com
Now click "submit" and you're all done!

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